About us

Our mother company, THAI ECOTRADE, was established in December 2008 by a group of Thai and European investors. They are among the first generation entrepreneur who focus on the e-waste recycling business in an organised manner, with the help of superior technology, international Partner in US and Japan, complying with Governemental requirements and International Regulations such as Basel Convention.

We decided in January 2011 to improve our services by setting up a new company, THAI ECOTRADE IT DISPOSAL, that would be 100% oriented towards Corporate customers and that could answer all IT disposal issues.

Hence THAI ECOTRADE IT DISPOSAL is the only company in Thailand able to offer corporate green recycling solutions that cover every aspect of IT assets end of life management. With insight of Western knowledge allied to Thai services quality, we provide tailor made answer to all your IT assets end of life concerns.

Corporate Value

Foster Reuse/Reduce/Recycle (3R) awareness

Reduce the environmental impact of ICT technology

Value our stakeholders

Support communities

Reuse Reduce Recycle IT Disposal

Top Management

Supaksorn Sae Lim - President
Laurent LandiƩ - Vice President
Ms. Supaksorn SAELIM Mr. Laurent LANDIE
President Vice President


15% EU
85% TH

Company Details

Tax ID: 0105551133183

Employees: 18 permanent persons

Type of business: Certified Data Destruction & Electronic Recycling

Customers Profile: Local & International companies (Bank, Call Center, Hotel, Insurance, Lawyer, Services provider, etc.)

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