In large companies with thousands of IT assets, poor IT asset management leads to significant unnecessary costs.

Global Practices

Our experience in managing end-of-life IT assets has showed us that this is an issue too often disregarded by most companies. Global environmental awareness is pushing for stronger electronic waste management regulation. We apply foreign method from Japan and America to help you reach and exceed international asset management standards.

Convert E-waste into income

Learn how to speed up and rationalize your disposal process in order to maximize the residual value of your IT assets. In addition we can assist you to gain comprehensive asset valuation based on actual market price. We can help you identify potential asset redeployment possibilities within your company and remarketing opportunities.

Eliminate hidden costs

Poor IT asset management policy leads to major capital inefficiency and increases the risk of data leaks and employee corruption. Through our clear and efficient policies we can support you in setting up sustainable IT asset management practices. This enables your IT team to focus on their primary job and avoid wasting time and resources.


Maximize your return on assets and reduce your assets disposal costs by improving your current disposal practices.